23. 5. 2017.

New CIX member Logosoft d.o.o. Sarajevo is connected to CIX switching infrastructure on 23th May 2017.

8. 5. 2017.

Due to the probelm with CWDM system between the CIX1 and CIX2 locations, the redundant optical link currently has a 10 Gbit/s bandwidth capacity.

The total bandwidth between the two locations at this moment is 30Gbit/s.


4. 5. 2017.

New CIX member Hurricane Electric LLC is connected to CIX switching infrastructure on 4th May 2017.

13. 4. 2017.

On Wednesday, April 12th 2017, the peak traffic over CIX crossed the line of 50 Gbit/s for the first time. The peak traffic of 40 Gbit/s was first breached in November 2016, which means that CIX traffic increased by 25% in last six months.

6. 4. 2017.

Redundant optical link between CIX1 and CIX2 locations is upgraded to 20 Gbps today.

CIX1 and CIX2 locations are connected with two optical links which are independent on 90% of the length. Total bandwidth between CIX1 and CIX2 location is... Read more