6. 12. 2018.

New CIX member Mega M d.o.o. is connected to CIX switching infrastructure on 6th December 2018.

14. 11. 2018.

The replacement of active network equipment in CIX was completed on 13th November 2018.
As part of the CIX Infrastructure reconstruction, switches and route servers in CIX were replaced.
New infrastructure design can be found at... Read more

1. 7. 2018.

New CIX member Seeweb s.r.l. is connected to CIX switching infrastructure on 1st July 2018.

29. 5. 2018.

Thirteenth session of CIX (Croatian Internet eXchange) Council is held at Srce on Tuesday 29 May 2017. The session was attended by representatives of 10 CIX members  (Amis Telekom, CARNet, Iskon Internet, Metronet telekomunikacije, Optima Telekom... Read more

23. 4. 2018.

Mega M d.o.o. signed an agreement on membership in CIX and became the 38th member of CIX.