About CIX

Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX) is Croatian centre for exchange Internet traffic managed by University Computing Centre (SRCE) available to all ISPs in Republic of Croatia, equally for commercial and non-commercial or private networks.

By establishing direct communication channels between Croatian Internet service Providers we significantly reduce the costs of data exchange among Croatian Internet users. CIX members arrange mutual peering for traffic exchange but they are not obliged to exchange traffic with other participants (CIX members). The required routing protocol for peering is BGP (version 4) and the corresponding registry for the CIX peering documentation is RIPE database.

The purpose of peering is a direct interconnecting of ISPs in order to reduce unnecessary traffic via third networks. 

The importance of CIX is recognized as part of the National Strategy for cyber security and accordingly is prepared and published Recommendations for the use of the national IX point for the exchange of Internet traffic (PDF, 423 KB), with special emphasis on the benefits of its use in terms of safe exchange of Internet traffic.