The amount of traffic transmitted through CIX in August exceeded 14 PB

In August, 14.52 PB of data was transferred through the Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX), which is the highest amount of traffic generated through CIX since its establishment in 2000.

In order to achieve as much traffic as possible through CIX, SRCE continuously works on attracting new members of CIX, but also on improving cooperation between members and establishing as much traffic exchange between them as possible.

Compared to August 2019 when members exchanged 6.79 PB of data, in two years the amount of traffic via CIX has doubled. This is the result of an increase in the number of members by 7 (the total number of members has risen from 30 to 37). Increase of members resulted with an increase in mutual exchange of traffic and as a result with increase in internet traffic in general.

Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX) is a Croatian Internet traffic exchange center established and housed in the University Computing Center SRCE since 2000. It is open to all Internet service providers in the Republic of Croatia, both commercial and non-commercial networks.