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The peak traffic over CIX crossed the line of 100 Gbit/s

The total traffic over CIX has been monitored since its inception and yesterday, May 4, 2022, peak traffic exceeded 100 Gbit/s for the first time.

The increase in the exchange of total Internet traffic through the CIX is also a result of the continuous growth in the number of members.

Vršni promet kroz CIX premašio 100 Gbit/s

Ukupni promet koji prolazi kroz CIX prati se od njegovog osnutka i jučer, 4. svibnja 2022. vršni promet prvi je put premašio 100 Gbit/s.

Povećanje razmjene ukupnog internetskog prometa kroz nacionalno središte za razmjenu internetskog prometa (CIX) rezultat je i kontinuiranog rasta broja članica.