Euro-IX - 20 years of cooperation between IXPs in Europe

The European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX), which brings together 68 Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) from around the world, was founded in May 2001 with the aim of developing, strengthening and improving the cooperation of the IXP community.

Numerous IXPs have recognized the need to combine their resources to coordinate technical standards, develop common procedures, share and publish statistics and other useful information. This in turn gives IXPs, users, and the wider community a better insight into the world of IXPs.

Euro-IX promotes the mutual exchange of ideas and best practices in membership and the use of best practices for the wider Internet ecosystem. IXPs serve as a hub for technical activities and play a very important role in improving internet quality and accessibility in local communities, as well as in improving competitiveness.

On the occasion of the celebration of 20 years of Euro-IX, a forum "20 years of IXP cooperation" is being organized.

Since 2008, CIX has been a full member of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro IX).

Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX) is a Croatian Internet traffic exchange point hosted at the University Computing Center (Srcu), and open to all Internet service providers in the Republic of Croatia, both commercial and non-commercial, ie private networks.