Local Internet Registry Training Course held

On 16th May 2008, RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre) held at Srce the Local Internet Registry Training Course.

RIPE (www.ripe.net) is one of 5 regional internet registers providing the distribution of internet resources (IP addresses, AS numbers), registration of resources distribution and coordination of activities insuring global functioning of the internet.

Local Internet Registry Training Course offers basic knowledge to internet service providers to manage the assigned resources, i.e. perform a role of local internet registers. RIPE NCC holds this and similar courses in various European contries on a regular basis.

Having recognised the role of Srce as a national internet traffic centre in Croatia, RIPE organised Local Internet Registry Training Course on 16th May 2008. Employees (14 attendees) of majority of Croatian internet service providers attended the course as well as representatives of internet service providers from the region (4 attendees).