14. 1. 2011.

14th January 2011. H1 Telekom signed an agreement on membership in the CIX.

3. 1. 2011.

3rd January 2011. new member connected to CIX switch - HITRONet

3. 12. 2010.

The new additional service iz available - Route Server. Service Route Server allows CIX members simplified peering. Instead of using N x BGP sessions for achieving N peering, members can use only one session to the Route Server. More information... Read more

15. 11. 2010.

15th November 2010. - new member connected to CIX switch - Hrvatski Telekom

12. 11. 2010.

12th November 2010. Hrvatski Telekom signed an agreement on membership in the CIX. Hrvatski Telekom is 21st member of CIX.